So many hold their breath, waiting to see if their team is going to do well or not.  They do all the rituals to assume that rubbing the ‘lucky duck’, ‘patting your dog three times on the head’, or ‘spinning your drink in your hand three times’ will initiate the luck of the ‘RNG Gods’…  Well not on Wednesday, January 9th, not for for Wildcard. We certainly did put our fans through quite the gut wrenching round 1 and 2, but then as we reviewed and corrected many of our mistakes on Tuesday (our off day), we set our nerves in check and came out hungry for top 5 finishes and doubled up on our tactical approaches. Our strats, great communication, and a fantastic snaking performance by Pride in the last game of the evening,  led us to back-to-back 4th place finishes and secured an 8th place overall standings finish after day three. Wildcard PUBG will be back in the spotlight to secure our position in the finals tomorrow, January 11th, at 6PM PST. Come relax, sit back, and cheer us on at! #WCWIN

Oh and… did you catch this beauty last night? Well, incase you didn’t.. Here it is again!


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