This past weekend was another exciting one for the National PUBG League as the competition took a break from the regular season to showcase Royale. Here, the 16 contender teams had their chance to face off against the 16 pro teams. We watched Day 1 pass by with some of the usual suspects topping the leaderboard and on Sunday we secured our spot in Finals. Lets not forget that Wildcard finished week 3 red hot, too. We were eager to bring that momentum into this weekend’s Royale event and both days proved that.


Coming into day 1 of matches we started off very strong, landing a first place win as the circle shifted in our favor, eliminating Space Station Gaming and securing us 7 kills and 17 points. The next 2 matches we struggled a bit, being faced with tough circles and bad terrain ending match 2 in 10th place with 1 kill and 1 point and match 3 in 13th place with 2 kills and 2 points. After two hard games our team knew they needed to get it together in order to make it to Finals the next day!

Saturday ended on a high point, we took the day back and secured our second 1st place win in an exciting stand off with God Squad that left our team with 7 kills and 17 points. Wildcard Gaming ended day 1 of Royal in 3rd place with an impressive 37 points. The days performance placed us in finals on Sunday and nothing could be better, especially after missing the cut last season.


Moving into finals we knew we had 6 long games to play, but were extremely confident based on our prior day’s gameplay. In match 1 WC started off in a tough spot, being eliminated early with 1 kill and 1 point. Match 2 left Sharpshot alone as the circle closed in quick, either forcing him out of Military base to face a 2v1 with C9 or deplete med kits and hold on in the blue for as long as possible. Choosing the latter WC ends in 8th place with 3 kills and 4 points.


Match 3 we made a come back as the circle took a hard shift on difficult terrain leaving Cad3n to hold the team in. He secured us 2nd place by playing smart and letting Endemic pick off YPG’s last player before being found giving us 3 kills and 9 points. This was the placement we needed going into halftime to know we had what it takes to be top 6 and in the hunt for money.


The next 2 matches gave our team hard circle shifts, putting WC in tough situations. We ended match 4 in 8th place with 3 kills and 4 points after a face off with C9 on difficult terrain and a fast moving circle. Match 5 wasn’t much different, the blue eventually leaving us in 7th place with 1 kill and 2 points. While we definitely started to feel the pressure we came back the strongest we’ve been!


In the last match of Royales Wildcard Gaming made a statement: We’re here and we’re ready to fight! In one of our most aggressive games of Phase 2 yet we secure 1st place, our third chicken dinner of the weekend, with a staggering 10 kills and an impressive 20 points.

The game came down to 2 full teams on a fast closing circle and some tough terrain. WC played it smart, taking the high ground before EUnited could react, forcing them to play passive in the grass below. In a high risk high reward move Sharpshot takes a chance and goes in for a flank on EUN, using their own smoke grenades against them in a move that paid off. A 2 for 2 trade leaves Toumai and cad3n in a face off against TaylorJay and Gice, but a downed Pride gets closer to EUN, relaying the information that sealed their fate! Cad3n takes the finishing kill, ending a very exciting and well played game for Wildcard Gaming!


While our finish in Phase 2’s Royale was a strong one WC didn’t get enough kills to take a winning rank. We were just 3 points away from 3rd place and tied for 6th place, but ultimately we didn’t have the kills to break the tie giving Halcones Gaming 6th place, and WC taking 7th. Out of all the great teams in the event  we finished in 7th with 39 points.

This weekend proved we have the ability to play smart and focus will turn to remaining consistent as we enter the final 2 weeks of phase 2. Our main goal will be to improve our aggression in taking kills while still holding that consistency. Overall we couldn’t be more proud of our team and their amazing multiple first place wins this weekend and certainly we’re proud that we made the cut to join Finals. We can only get better, and we will. Thank you to all our #stackthedeck supporters and fans who cheered us on throughout weeks 1 through 3 and tune into for Royale this weeked. We’ll be back for Week 4 of Phase 2 June 1st, 2:00pm Pacific and you can watch at



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