Week 3 of the National PUBG League has come to an end while Wildcard Gaming had a rough run this weekend we ended very strong! With 42 points and 27 kills we finish this week in 10th place, far out of our target goal or top 5, but with our final performance of Sunday we hope to come back for week 4 swinging!


Match 1 of Saturday was a rough start as WCG got eliminated in 16th place with 1 kill off Denial during an intense showdown on Military Island’s bridge. Match 2 we were forced to a fight with Blue Martini on rough terrain as the circle began closing in, knocking us out in 8th place. Matches 3 and 4 yielded similar results, with all around tough games making Saturday quite hard on our team. However, we had high hopes moving into Sunday!


Day 2 of week 3 Wildcard felt the pressure. It was high time to perform and while match 5 ended out of our top 5 goal we took down EUnited and Denial with us in an intense battle at the blue ending the game in 12th place and 6 kills. Match 6 we came back stronger, SharpShot kept WCG in the race and faced a high stakes brawl as he got backed into a shack- Totally blocked in as Rumblers crash their vehicle into the door, surrounding SharpShot with fire and no safe exit. After a grenade is thrown into the room he takes a chance, climbing out into the flames and taking Waldoe with him, sealing our place in the top 5 of this match.


Match 7 was a long game as we moved into 20 minutes with 15 teams still up. The circle closed in quick on not so ideal land making a fight with Rumblers and Space Station Gaming very difficult, eventually knocking us out in 15th place with 1 kill.


Match 8 Wildcard Gaming was able to bring things back, proving why we’re a force to be reckoned with! At 20 minutes in, 6 teams up, and a hard circle shift our team makes a decision to drive across open terrain to claim a compound that ends up putting us in the dead center of the new circle. With hard cover and a fantastic position we’re able to take total control of this game, slowly picking off anyone that comes too close. At 30 minutes in and only 2 teams remaining in the final day of week 3 WCG faces off with Tempo Storm and takes home a 1st place win! #stackthedeck


We’re excited to take this confidence into week 4 and give all out fans and supporters exactly what they’ve been waiting for! Tune in next Saturday at 2pm Pacific at https://wildcard.gg/pubg/ and swing by to subscribe to all our influencers here https://wildcard.gg/influencers/ and pick up your very own Wildcard Gaming emote to use while you watch!



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