We complete week 1 of the PUBG National Pro League! With viewership and the hype booming out of the gate, we were excited to repeat our performance in the pre-season. The Professional league works on an ‘8 games per week’ format (games played Fridays and Saturdays), and we took the stage this past Friday looking for some massive chicken. “Pro League now has a new point system and kills are everything,” says Ben Merritt, Co-Owner of Wildcard Gaming. The boys had a rough first 3 games on Day 1, but ended with a banging high point victory on Cloud 9 in Game 4 to end the day. “We definitely have some things to review and fix, but I think we are going in the right direction as far as adjusting to the new system.” Continued Envsn, Coach of Wildcard Gaming’s PUBG Team.

As Day 2 on Saturday hit, the team of fraggers put on a terrifying game 1 performance to start off the tempo of the day, racking up 16 kills and a 2nd place finish, barely losing to Spacestation Gaming. Though we could not repeat our performance in game 1 the rest of the day, we ended week 1 with a convincing 55 points, tied for 5th place with Spacestation Gaming and Endemic.

The boys will be reviewing gameplay this week and are sure to be back stronger than ever in week 2 of the National Pro League! Catch all the action this coming Friday, February 8th, at 5pm Pacific and following, Saturday, February 9th, at 2pm Pacific. You won’t want to miss this!

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