The weekend is over and so is week 2 of the National PUBG League Tournament. This weekend presented our team with some difficult obstacles and in the end left is in 9th place with a total of 28 kills and 41 points. While out of our top 5 goal we’re confident we’ll bring it back next week! Let’s take a look at what happened.


Saturday gave us plane issues accompanied by some very difficult circle shifts. It seemed like the odds truly were against us for 3 of the 4 matches. Match 1 closed in on Mylta forcing teams to cramp together along the coastline with almost no land to stand on. As all the teams started moving towards the shift to escape the blue WCG meets with Simplicity in a 1 on 1 face off  that ended in Pride taking Pentalol out with him as the blue settled.


Match 2 gave us a different obstacle, the circle shifting towards Los Leones with all 16 teams up and crowding in. The new circle redirected hard west into Chumacera and the number of players still up was just too many! At 17 minutes and 20 seconds into the match Wildcard Gaming was the first to be eliminated.

We had a bit of a come back for match 3 as we made our goal of top 5, even with another rough circle that seemed to favor no one as it closed in on nothing but open field and some hay bales to provide the only source of cover.

Match 4 gave us yet another unmanageable circle as it concentrated on a steep cliffside bringing lots of vertical fights as the team attempted to make it out of the blue. To no avail, WCG was eliminated in 13th place which ended our Saturday with 15 kills and 19 points total.


Moving into Sunday, day 2 of week 2, Wildcard Gaming’s ready to fight! Match 5 brought us a much better circle than Saturday’s matches, allowing Toumai to hang around and claim us 4th place; Taking down C9’s Pr0paine before going out to the blue.


For match 6 WCG was forced into an unexpected fight with EUnited as the circle took a hard shift, ultimately eliminating us. We ended the match in 7th place, tied for most kills with Rumblers.

Match 7 brought a bit of a comeback, even with yet another difficult circle! The teams were split across two islands, eventually condensing into one causing many to swim across open water to escape the blue. Toumai did an excellent job remaining hidden on the cliffside while the other teams played King of The Hill and when the blue finally creeped in he was able to hold WCG in 4th place with 3 kills and 7 more points.


The last match of week 2 was rough as our team got caught out by Space Station Gaming who closed in, tossing a grenade and forcing us out of our shack which lead to Wildcard Gaming’s elimination in 11th place.

We hope that with week 3 we are able to bring Wildcard Gaming back into the top 5 and show all our fans what we’re packing! Tune in at next Saturday at 2pm Pacific and watch the next match unfold. If you haven’t already you can grab your very own WCG emote to flash your #stackthedeck pride by subscribing to our influencers here


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