And just like that we’re in week 4… This month has gone by so quickly and it’s really shown us what we’re capable of as a team. For being newly formed our guys seem extremely promising and regardless of this weekend’s outcome we’re proud- But we’re also confident they’ll do just fine. They’ve been practicing and working extremely hard to prove themselves and we’re constantly seeing that dedication. Now? Now they just need to translate it into this long weekend of games. 

The past 3 weeks you’ve seen some killer players and some decent placements- Even a chicken dinner! Though currently we hold 12th place with 178 points, which is not where we want to be. This weekend our goal is falling in the top ten so we qualify for Stage 4. It’s certainly possible but it will surely take a lot of concentration and communication, but as the weeks progress our team only gets better. This weekend will be long and intense, but we’re rooting for them!

You’ll be able to watch our team play live right here at The games start on Friday at 5:00PM EST and run all the way through Sunday where we’ll be playing out the remaining 18 games of Phase 3. That’s 18 games for us to get into the top 10! I think we can make it happen, but having the support of our fans watching and showing their #stackthedeck pride never hurts. Bust sure to stop by and show some love. Good luck, guys!


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