Is it really already week three in the NPL? Wildcard has been doing alright this Phase but we’re playing for excellence! Our new PUBG roster has been hard at work practicing and we’re, as always, excited to see their improvements. We ended last week holding our 10th place position, our points and kill points seeing some increase from week one. But this week? We’re aiming higher, of course. Currently we have 125 points between weeks one and two and while it’ll be quite the hike to get into our goal of the top five we’re confident in our team. Who knows? Maybe we’ll go into Saturday with some post birthday luck from pental0l!

You can watch the next set of games right here at They’ll be live Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 PM EST playing through the next twelve games of Phase 3. Show the guys some love and support and come flash your #stackthedeck pride!


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