Week one of the NPL’s Phase 3 is over and while we didn’t land in the top 5, which is always our goal, we in the least got our foot in the door as our new team showed their potential. Despite a tough first weekend our new roster is still in good spirits and hungrier than ever. Now don’t get me wrong, we had a handful of good games- Even closed out the weekend with our first Phase 3 chicken dinner! But our hopes are high for the new team and we’ve seen what they can do. This weekend was just a glimpse!

In Saturday’s games we faced a lot of tough circles that just did not seem to want to shift in our favor. It certainly pushed the team to their limits and put their communication skills to the test. However, even through the blue we pulled through for game four, securing 4th place with six kills, giving us a foundation to work off of. It put our boys in the right mindset and sent them in the right direction while moving into Sunday’s games.

In day two of week one we had much, much better luck. It was like the difficulties of Saturday awoke the sleeping giant that is the new Wildcard roster and the boys were hungry. Game one of the day was an exciting round and we came in at 2nd place with 5 kills, that chicken dinner ‘s aroma filling the air and setting the tone for the day. Game three we saw another 2nd place end, but no juicy chicken. At this point it was only a matter of time… Game six of day two, the final game of week one, is where we saw our chance! With some smart calls and rotations the guys ended the weekend strong and finally secured that chicken dinner they’ve been playing for! Moving into next weekend we are beyond stoked to see this momentum take off!

Overall we saw some clutch plays and killer calls and we’re proud of the boys and the clear synergy they demonstrated. We have high hopes and can’t wait to see them prove their power. We ended week one in 10th place with 32 kills and 61 points, a decent platform for us to build a strong powerhouse off of. Tune in next weekend right here https://wildcard.gg/pubg at 5:00PM EST on 9/14 and 9/15 to watch week two live with us. Flash your #stackthedeck pride and show the guys some love and support!


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