PUBG is back for Phase 3 and so is Wildcard! If you’ve been keeping up with us between Phase 2 and now you’d know that we went through a lot of changes. In the last few weeks we secured a spot in the NPL by purchasing it from Simplicity, in return giving our NPLC slot to another team. We also updated our roster, taking on some entirely different players- And even a familiar face! We welcomed Adam “Adam” Didiano, Andrew “Pentalol” Franco, and Tom “Pistola” Banel to the Wildcard organization. We have also acquired Robert “Kickstart” Smith, a former Wildcard player, on loan from Ghost Gaming. These boys have been hard at work preparing for Phase 3 and I think we’re about to see some killer plays!

You can catch day one of week one live tomorrow evening at 5:00PM EST right here at https://wildcard.gg/pubg/. If you haven’t grabbed your own Wildcard Twitch emote you can head to https://www.twitch.tv/wolfyy22. Come watch the start of Phase 3 live with us and flash your #stackthedeck pride!


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