Week three of the NPL is behind us and while we gave it our best we didn’t do as well as we would have liked. While we saw an increase in kills this weekend our placements fell short of our top 5 goal, leaving us in a tough spot. While out of our goal, I will say that we were pretty consistent in staying within the top 10- This consistency certainly gives us a decent foundation to grow from. We did have a few notable games, but overall we just did ok. The competition is getting steeper with every week and our roster, while looking good, are still ironing out some details.

On Saturday we only fell out of the top 10 once, taking a slow approach to the weekend and getting warmed up. There wasn’t anything crazy that stood out and for the most part it seemed like we minded our own business as we looked for those placement points. Sunday, however, we saw some good games. Our first game of the day we came in 4th with 1 kill, really giving us some momentum. The second game we really took that energy and turned it into 9 kills- The most for the round (Thanks, Pistola!) and a 3rd place placement.

It’s clear we see good games and good plays and we’re proud of the effort and dedication our team has shown so far. Moving into Week 4 we hope to see more improvement as we get comfortable for a long weekend of games. You can watch it all unfold live, starting Friday September 27th at 5:00PM EST, at https://wildcard.gg/pubg. Come hang out in our Discord https://discord.gg/KdAxD4S and show the guys some #stackthedeck love!


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