We’re rolling into Week 2 of Phase 3 in the NPL and man did we leave Week 1 with some momentum! Will we be able to carry it into this weekend? Our PUBG team has been hard at work practicing and preparing and I think it’s safe to say we’re feeling pretty good. We got to see what we were up against and got an idea of who our biggest competition is and now moving on we have valuable information we lacked for Week 1. This, paired with the chicken dinner we scored in game 12 last weekend to push us forward in good spirits, will hopefully put us in a decent spot that we can get comfortable in.

The synergy among our new team is already pretty clear and as we progress further into Phase 3 we anticipate this teamwork to only get stronger. We ended Week 1 in 10th place with 32 kills and 61 points- Not exactly where we wanted to be, but I think we can turn the wheel in our direction. The games go live tomorrow at 5:00PM EST and you can watch them right here at https://wildcard.gg/pubg. Flash your #stackthedeck pride and show the guys some love and support!


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