This weekend we watched our PUBG team compete in the Phase 3 Relegations. This tournament was absolutely wild, no pun intended! We don’t want to get too repetitive on you, but just to refresh your memory: Relegations takes the bottom 6 pro league teams and the top 10 Contenders teams to battle it out in a 12 game series, which determines the 6 teams to move onto Phase 4. Guess who made the top 6?

In Day 1 our team went above and beyond anyone’s expectations! (Those commentators thought we were going to be what, 5th place?) We ended the first 6 matches in 2nd place with 36 kills and 61 points. We even saw Kickstart make a sick 1v3 play against Space Station Gaming that won us a juicy chicken dinner in match 3. Safe to say the guys were hungry! Our new roster has shown everyone what they are really capable of and we are definitely not disappointed. I, personally, was left at the edge of my seat watching these matches unfold.

Almost every match this weekend our team placed in the top 5, scoring numerous kills in the process and giving us those much needed kill points. The excitement doesn’t stop at simple top fives and kills, though! Day 2 we watched the boys really pop off. Again we saw Kickstart pull off some clutch plays against Oxymoron and managed to make another 1v3 that scored us a chicken dinner. We also watched pental0l take the spotlight, landing his own crazy 1v2 play against SuperNova, effectively eliminating them from the match.

In the end Wildcard earned their position of 1st place with 67 kills and 118 points. We are very proud of our team and the amount of effort they put in to practicing and perfecting their synergy- It’s certainly seeming to pay off. Congratulations on so many well played games and for securing our spot in Phase 4. You guys really repped that #stackthedeck pride!

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