Well folks, the future looks hopeful for Wildcard in the world of PUBG, but we’ll definitely have to work for that chicken dinner!  Despite being 8 points short of making it into the top 10 to move onto Phase 4, we still have a second chance. Tomorrow the fate of our team will be decided in Relegations.

Just to refresh your memory: In Relegations the bottom 6 teams from the NPL Phase 3 will compete against the top 10 teams from the NPL Contenders giving them a chance to proceed onto phase 4. The biggest difference moving into Relegations is that we’ll be up against 10 new teams, which required some extra practice and research. We’re sure all of the grinding and hard work the boys have put in will pay off!

We’re confident that the strong finish our team had in phase 3 can carry over into Relegations. Out of the bottom 6 Wildcard was the best and we are excited to see what the team can pull off now that they are nice and warmed up. Our fate in Phase 4 entirely relies on if we can play well and place well during these next 12 games.

It’s been a bumpy ride for the new Wildcard roster, but they’ve shown us what they’re capable of and we can smell the chicken dinners! We have high hopes and we can’t wait to see some great teamwork as we move into this weekend’s games. You can tune in and watch the team live this Saturday at 5:00PM EST. Show them some love and support and flash your #stackthedeck pride. Good luck, boys! 

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