Our Partners

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Family Owned and Operated
We have extensive experience catering to customers who suffer from chronic back pain and have over the years been able to produce chairs and products that help to alleviate pain and even prevent it.
Gaming Industry
We saw a clear need in the Gaming Industry to provide a quality, comfortable and ergonomic alternative to the mass produced gaming chairs currently on the market. If you have spent years contorting your body to “fit” into your gaming chair and have suffered the consequence, let LF Gaming be your saviour. LF Gaming chairs are made to fit you!!!
The Environment
Our office and factory have an extensive recycling program. All of our paper, cardboard, plastics, mixed materials, foam, shipping pallets and even leather scraps are recycled. Sourcing our components from North America incurs less green house gases than does importing from overseas as the transportation distance is much less. And almost all of the components from our chairs can be recycled after use.
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