The weekend has come to a close for the PUBG Continental Series #1 and if you missed it, our team had quite the ride! With a $200,000 prize pool the series has been a great way for our squad, consisting of Daniel “SharpShot” Hernandez, Jonathan “Jazza” McVea, Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse, and Andrew “Pental0l” Franco to really kick 2020 off. 

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday we saw the boys snag a chicken dinner and several top 5 placements. Their efforts and teamwork landed them in 3rd place with 108 kill points and 73 placement points for a total score of 181. We’re feeling good about this run in PCS and we can’t wait to see the team in action again next weekend.

You can catch the guys playing again this coming Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th at 7:00pm EST right here. Watch them live and show them some love and support! Until then check out Wildcard’s very own Joolie– She streams PUBG every week. Stay safe and healthy, guys. #stackthedeck

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