Wildcard Gaming partners with GamerTech™ to explore the future of Gamer Wearables

Wildcard Gaming, the popular esports organization, has partnered with gaming wearables and performance gear brand, GamerTech™ as its official apparel-based gaming gear provider. This partnership puts Wildcard Gaming’s esports teams ahead of the curve with GamerTech™ gear, designed to give esports athletes an advantage in terms of technology used to optimize performance.

GamerTech™ offers a range of gamer-centric wearable solutions and advanced apparel by utilizing various innovative technologies. Core technologies that power product solutions include intelligent thermotherapy, advanced cryotherapy, active and passive compression, haptics, bio-sensing, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Magma Glove, one of the multiple solutions of GamerTech™, is powered by a patent-pending active heating platform named TFTR (Thin Film Thermal Regeneration), which improves blood circulation to the hand, resulting in increased dexterity and improved in-game performance. GamerTech™ hopes to introduce Magma Glove in 2023 alongside other products, including the world’s most advanced esports jersey, BTM (Body Thermal Management) jersey, and advanced poster support solution GT-Exo baselayer.

“As GamerTech™, we want to enable gamers to progress to the next level by boosting physical performance and enhancing wellness. Working with Wildcard Gaming enables us to do this across different teams, and it enables us to improve our products to deliver exceptional value to gamers. Through this partnership, we hope to bring GamerTech™ products to market in 2023 and truly help gamers Level Up.” Said Amila Pathirana, Co-Founder and CEO of GamerTech™.

The capabilities GamerTech™ leverage result from a long-standing ecosystem built by the parent company MAS Holdings. This global apparel-tech conglomerate innovates human-centric products, platform technologies, and concept-to-delivery solutions through its innovation arm MAS Innovation. It has a vast IP-protected technology portfolio and a diverse range of collaborators and experts, allowing GamerTech™ access to materials science, robotics, and advanced manufacturing for their gear.

“We at Wildcard Gaming are beyond excited to boost our teams’ performance and prolong their careers with GamerTech™ wearables. With this partnership, we plan on introducing these novel products to our fans to help create a more comfortable gaming experience. Working with GamerTech™ is an honor. Amila and his teams are amazing people and fun to work with.” So said Ben Merritt, Co-Founder, and COO of Wildcard Gaming.

The partnership will involve collaboration across multiple Wildcard Gaming properties. Wildcard Gaming will leverage GamerTech™ gear across its teams in PUBG, Dota 2, and Rainbow 6 Siege to give them an extra competitive edge. The partnership will also allow Wildcard Gaming to bring the breakthrough esports wearables of GamerTech™ to their fans through its network. GamerTech™ will also work closely with Wildcard Gaming’s athletes to customize and fine-tune its gear based on feedback.

The GamerTech™ product portfolio is widely available to potential partners through strategic partnerships, co-branding engagements, OEM partnerships, and Design to Delivery engagement models. With varying business models, anyone can leverage GamerTech™’s diverse ecosystem and strategic manufacturing capabilities to fulfill the requirements of esports teams and other brands who want to drive gamer-centric innovation in a market with high growth potential.

About GamerTech™

GamerTech (GT) brings disruptive products, technology-based gamer wearables, and advanced apparel solutions to market, focused explicitly on gamers and esports athletes to boost performance, amplify experience, and enhance their overall wellness. GT is a startup within MAS Innovation, a subsidiary of MAS Holdings – the most prominent apparel tech manufacturer in South Asia, with over 118,000 employees across 17 countries and a turnover of USD 2 billion, strongly focusing on apparel-based innovations. MAS Innovation ranked 18th among the world’s best workplaces for innovators, conducted by Fast Company in 2022, and placed in Clarivate’s highly prestigious Asian innovators list in 2021 and 2022.

About Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming is a premier North American esports organization established in 2017 and based out of Houston, Texas. Wildcard Gaming is home to PUBG, Dota 2, and Rainbow 6 Siege teams. Throughout its history, Wildcard Gaming has accomplished over 20 major tournament wins and two world titles accumulating over 1.8 million in prize winnings. Wildcard Gaming is one of the last of its kind, a dominant force on a worldwide stage that is organically built and has yet to raise outside funding.


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