Wildcard PUBG returned on June 10th when the brand new roster played in their first week of tournament play under the Wildcard brand. The top 16 teams from the Americas face off in a 3 week tournament with the ultimate prize of PGC points on the line. This is also the first tournament that is using the new Winner Winner Chicken Dinner scoring system. This is a unique system that has been getting mixed reviews from players and viewers. This new point system is intended to make the viewing experience more understandable, and ultimately make every game matter, down to the final game of the week.

Day 1 of  PCS 4 started off decent for Wildcard despite not being able to take home the chicken dinner. Game 1 they finished off in 4th with 6 kills, a rough shift in the second to last circle left the team with a very difficult rotation into the circle which led to an unfavorable fight. The next few games did not go as well, finishing 16th, 6th, and 11th respectively. The team bounced back and finished 3rd in game 5 with 6 kills. We finished off the day with an 8th place with 6 kills leaving us in 7th place. At the end of Day 1 we were the highest ranked team without a chicken dinner. 

Day 2  had a bit of a slow start but ended with some of the most intense PUBG we have seen in a while. The first 3 games we finished 10th, 10th, and 7th. Round 10 was a crazy one. We played in a dip right outside of Hospital and were in the center circle for most of the later half of the game. It came down to a 1v2 between Wildcard’s Zray and Zealot against Oath’s Relo. A long extended fight took place and unfortunately Relo came out on top in the end. The final game of the day was another tense one. A full 4v4 fight against Dodge took place in an open field. Smoke lines covering the entire battlefield, teams were forced to put on the aggression. Unfortunately Dodge came out on top with a big 14 kill game, leaving us with another 2nd place finish on the day.

After 1 week of play in PCS 4 Wildcard has not earned any money and therefore is in the bottom 8 of teams. The team will go through review and look to bounce back in Week 2 to move up in the standings and get our share of PGC points at the end of this event.  Round 1 of Week 2 begins June 17th at 730 EST. Thanks to all of our fans for supporting us and the team, we look forward to seeing everyone out there cheering for us again this week! 



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