Last week our PUBG team competed in the Phase 2 Royale, which acted as a break between weeks 3 and 4. They boasted multiple chicken dinners and tied for 6th place in points, being knocked to 7th due to kills. With that being said we all felt good moving into week 4 and wanted to take the momentum from Royal with us. Unfortunately, we feel fell short at the OGN Arena in Manhattan Beach, CA.
We had several rough games and we fell far from our goal of making the top 5. This past weekend was the first time in our history that we went 8 rounds without once making a top 4 finish and we know now what needs to be improved.


So, what’s at stake here? Only the top 10 teams will pass into the next Phase and if we fall out we then move into Regulations for Phase 2. There we’ll have to fight, tooth and nail, for our spot in Phase 3. But let’s go over our game plan for the last week of Phase 2.


To our fans and supporters who may be feeling the same uncertainty we’re feeling we want to make it known that our team knows what needs to be done. Changes are going into effect and as we work to shake this bad weekend off we hope to bring out our best into the next set of matches. We’ve proved ourselves time after time and we hope to prove ourselves yet again moving into week 5.


We have a lot of work to do and we hope you’ll tune in next week to support us in the next step of Phase 2. You can cheer us on by watching the games unfold live at and if you haven’t already snagged our #stackthedeck emote head over to our Influencers and give them a follow here


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