After a tough finish in 13th place during the finals of the Summer PMCO it was clear that the Wildcard team needed some changes- And changes happened! Tempo Storm purchased the rights to Rain’s contract and Zeus and Ranger have decided to explore other opportunities. Among these changes we are extremely happy to bring back Andrew “Illusions” Agas for the Fall PMCO split and Wildcard will continue to help him build his brand. Our main goal in the PUBG Mobile community is to create a top tier team that can compete internationally and we’re working hard to make that happen.

Playing with Illusions in the Fall split of PMCO are some of the most wanted players we’ve acquired! Please welcome Andrew “MVP” Carpenter, Brendan “Sin” Ross, Matthew “Alucard” Vega, and Dean “Dean” Mikutski. We are excited to bring this team in as they’ve had great results in practice scrims so far. We feel that this team has a lot of frag potential which will hopefully help get us out of tricky situations and lead to winning plays. Heading into the Fall split the goal for the team is to be in the top 3 of the regional finals and make it into the international LAN to compete for that coveted $2.5 million prize pool!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @Wildcard_GG for more updates on our PUBGM team and to get updates on when we’re playing. Until then you can check out our influencers here https://wildcard.gg/influencers/ and watch some quality content. As always, don’t forget to snag out Wildcard emote on Twitch and flash your #stackthedeck pride when we’re live. See you for the Fall Split!


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