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Kyle “Diesel” Renton is the Hard Breach/Support player with a shared IGL role for Wildcard Gaming’s Professional Rainbow Six Siege team. Diesel was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia and has lived there his whole life. When he was younger, Diesel enjoyed playing footy (AFL) up until high school, as well as competing in snooker, where he actually managed to win a national title in his teenage years. Diesel used to be an avid runner around this time as well. Some of the games Diesel enjoyed before R6 were CoD, Battlefield, and Fifa with his mates.

Diesel first played Rainbow Six during Christmas of 2015. We asked him about how his first LAN experience with R6 went, “My first LAN was Oceanic Cup last year and was great, obviously for the win, but also for being really nervous and anxious during our Extricity Semifinal (Gio’s old team when he was underage) and then settling down and finding comfort in the final against Fnatic where I managed to clutch a big round 2v5 with Emo to put us 5-0 up on Consulate.”  

We asked Diesel who his favorite operator was, “My favourite operator would have to be Smoke for his all round kit including massive construction potential and close range fragging potential with his pump shotty, Smg-11 as a strong short to mid range gun, his extremely powerful and unique area-denial gas canisters and of course the option of a shield.” His least favorite operator is the newly buffed Ying, he thinks she has a ridiculous amount of utility which was a completely unnecessary change. 

Diesel hasn’t changed much of his routine during the quarantine.


We asked Diesel some questions about Rainbow Six: 

Wildcard Gaming: If you could play at LAN anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
Diesel: “We’ve been extremely fortunate qualifying for the Pro League finals in Tokoname and the Invitational in Montreal already, and both were fantastic experiences in their own ways. I’d love to go back to both Canada and Japan, especially to visit Tokyo if we were to again. I’d also be really interested in visiting a number of European countries if not for those two again.”

Wildcard Gaming: Who in the R6 community inspires you?
Diesel: “I more so draw inspiration from teams in the other regions that play the game at a higher level, have excellent fundamental strategy and mechanical skill and are very proactive. Examples being Forze, Darkzero, TSM, SSG, NaVi, Rogue.”

Wildcard Gaming: You are the balance team, if you had control over 1 patch, what would you change and why?
Diesel: “There are so many changes that need to be made there’s too many to list all at once. Some off the top of my head would be developing a new engine/new version of the game to eradicate the insane amount of bugs we experience every patch/content update, removing the tinnitus-ringing effect when put on low health, removing kicked up dust effects after explosions, make flashbangs consistent, removing the latest shrapnel update, reverting the removal of Buck nades and Ying’s buffs and promoting Esports more in the game like CSGO does to reach out to casual players and start educating about the importance of teamplay and utility and the way the game is meant to be played.”

Wildcard Gaming: What are your thoughts on the Bank/Theme Park swap in the map pool?
Diesel: “I think Theme Park is interesting and decent enough to warrant itself having a spell in the competitive map pool for sure. As for taking Bank out, one of the most well balanced maps in the pool in my opinion, while Border and Coastline still remain I don’t agree with at all.”

Wildcard Gaming: Give me some advice for someone who might be aspiring to be a competitive R6 player.
Diesel: “If you want to pursue competitive in Siege you first of all need to understand if you have a solid level of mechanical skill and feel confident yet humble in your knowledge of the game, feeling you have the potential to learn the game at a higher level given the chance. Other than that you need to have the right qualities any person would in a successful work and learning environment with your peers/teammates and be personally hungry and driven to consistently improve.”

Wildcard Gaming: What have you enjoyed the most about competing in R6?
Diesel: “Feeling I had the potential to do well in competitive all the way back when I first started playing on PS4 and basically seeing that feeling come to fruition winning a local lan in Australia, competing at multiple APAC LANs, competing at a Pro League finals and the Invitational (the biggest tournament the game has to offer) not to mention in countries such as Japan and Canada as well, is pretty crazy looking back.”

Wildcard Gaming: How did you spend the offseason break?
Diesel: “I tried to have a break from Siege as much as possible in terms of playing it as I felt myself slip into a personal slump in form towards the end of the season. I was still motivated with the new additions in the team and have been through slumps before and knew a good break from the game is the right move for me. I played a lot of Sea of Thieves with some of my mates and in general just caught up with YT content or Netflix shows and movies.”

Wildcard Gaming: What goals do you have in R6 for 2020?
Diesel: “Fulfil our potential with the new roster and get us back to making majors consistently.”

Wildcard Gaming: Favorite thing about being with Wildcard?
Diesel: “It’s my first actual Esports organisation I’ve signed with, and immediately seeing their faith in their support for us by allowing us to bootcamp before the last APAC LAN, and then qualifying for Japan and Canada by reaching the final has been my favourite thing so far.”


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