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Tien “EmoRin” Lam is currently an Entry Fragger for Wildcard Gaming’s Professional Rainbow Six Siege team. EmoRin was born and raised in Melbourne, and has spent most of his life there, sharing it with some time in QLD. Growing up, EmoRin played a fair bit of sports including soccer, badminton, tennis, and table tennis. His passion for video games started at a very young age, mainly playing Counter Strike 1.6, a game which he could not get enough of. 

EmoRin started playing R6 the day it came out on PC in December of 2015. We asked EmoRin for his thoughts on his first LAN experience for R6, saying “The first R6 lan experience was really great, meeting your team for the first time and playing next to each other is an amazing feeling.” EmoRin’s favorite operator is Valkyrie because of the intel you can get with her black eyes, and his least favorite is Ela due to her slows from her concussion mines and her lackluster gun.  

EmoRin has spent his time in quarantine playing games and watching anime. He’s looking forward to playing a few new games coming out, the main one being Cyberpunk 2077. He is also looking forward to playing Blue Protocol, an Anime MMORPG.  


We asked EmoRin some questions about R6…and his new keyboard: 

Wildcard Gaming: Tell us about the new keyboard.
EmoRin: I decided to “try” and give a mechanical keyboard a go, saw some anime keycaps and it was a must get, they will be the reason I might not go back to the Microsoft keyboard.”

Wildcard Gaming: If you could play at LAN anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?
EmoRin I have already played 2 lan in japan, I just can’t get enough of how amazing japan is, everything in japan is just so different in a good way.” 

Wildcard Gaming: Who in the R6 community inspires you?
EmoRin: “Ethan.WC inspires me.”

Wildcard Gaming: You are the balance team, if you had control over 1 patch, what would you change and why?
EmoRin: I would give Buck his grenades back.”

Wildcard Gaming: Give me some advice for someone who might be aspiring to be a competitive R6 player.
EmoRin: Just be a good teammate.”

Wildcard Gaming: What have you enjoyed the most about competing in R6?
EmoRin: I enjoy playing in a team together and getting better.”

Wildcard Gaming: How did you spend the offseason break?
EmoRin: Playing some other games with friends, and anime.”

Wildcard Gaming: What is your favorite anime?
EmoRin: My favorite anime of all time is Tsubasa Chronicles!!”

Wildcard Gaming: What goals do you have in R6 for 2020?
EmoRin: Try to self improve so i can bring more to the team.”

Wildcard Gaming: Favorite thing about being with Wildcard?
EmoRin: The support we need.”



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