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Ethan “Ethan” Picard is a Flex/Fragger for Wildcard Gaming’s Professional Rainbow Six Siege team. Ethan was born and raised in Townsville, and has lived there his whole life. Growing up, Ethan enjoyed spending most of his time outside riding bikes and playing sports. His first played video games was on console around the age of 9- Starting with Smash Bros, Crash Bandicoot, Halo, COD, and Battlefield. 


Ethan first played Rainbow six near the end of Operation Red Crow in November of 2016. He mentioned that his first LAN experience was pretty mediocre but he had a lot of fun qualifying for it. Ethan’s favorite operator in Rainbow 6 is Sledge, and his least favorite is Lion. He was not a fan of Bank being removed from the competitive map pool, but says he doesn’t mind Theme Park being added. Ethan has been spending his time in quarantine gaming. Ethan enjoys Escape from Tarkov in his free time, and is looking forward to the full release of the game. 


He has been on fire recently, picking up a MASSIVE 39 kills over the 2 maps against Ferox. Ethan dropped 16 kills on Clubhouse, and a HUGE 23 kill game on Consulate. Ethan managed to secure the Snowball Esports MVP for Week 2 of Six Masters. Alex “Skye” McCallum said “Ethan had an incredible showing against Ferox, scoring a massive 39 frags over the two maps, the consistency and grit displayed in his performance undoubtedly pulled Wildcard across the line in the intense series.”   


We asked Ethan some questions about Rainbow Six: 


Wildcard Gaming:If you could play at LAN anywhere in the world, where would you choose and why?

Ethan: “Japan, just love the place and the people.”


Wildcard Gaming: Who in the R6 community inspires you?

Ethan: Candian 


Wildcard Gaming: You are the balance team, if you had control over 1 patch, what would you change and why?

Ethan: “Change every op to 2/2, I think gunplay would feel more consistent and competitive.”


Wildcard Gaming: Give me some advice for someone who might be aspiring to be a competitive R6 player.

Ethan: “Be a team player, focus on your comms and teamwork over your aim.”


Wildcard Gaming: What have you enjoyed the most about competing in R6?

Ethan: “Getting better, seeing results.”


Wildcard Gaming: How did you spend the offseason break? 

Ethan: “Playing Tarkov mainly, not a whole lot to do in a quarantine.”


Wildcard Gaming: What goals do you have in R6 for 2020?

Ethan: “Be a better team, teammate.”


Wildcard Gaming: Favorite thing about being with Wildcard?

Ethan: “The support to do this thing full-time.”

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