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Patrick “Pat” Wines is currently a flex-role player for Wildcard Gaming’s Professional Rainbow Six Siege team. Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Pat enjoyed playing soccer/football, tennis and cricket. Some of the other hobbies included reading and playing the piano.

He’s always been a fan of gaming, even playing Counter Strike and Goldeneye at his cousin’s place when he was only four years old. Some of Pat’s favorite games before Rainbow Six Siege were Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask from the Legend of Zelda series, as well as the Battlefield franchise- Battlefield 4 in particular. He first played Rainbow Six in the closed beta on Xbox back in October of 2015. He picked up the game a month after release on Christmas that same year and has stuck with it ever since.

We asked pat who his favorite operator in Rainbow Six is, he says “Pulse is a great intel operator with a C4 that can net you a free kill most rounds, the only downside would be his UMP…” On the other end of the spectrum His least favorite operator is Blackbeard, a very slow operator with a bad gun, also equipped with a gadget that goes against the 1 shot headshot mechanic, which is fundamental to the game.

Pat’s first LAN experience was at the Six Masters tournament in August/September of 2019 where he faced the former iteration of the Wildcard Gaming roster in Round 1 of the single elimination tournament.

During the quarantine for COVID-19 Pat says he’s enjoying sleeping in, catching up on uni work, and playing ranked/scrims in R6. Much like the rest of the gaming world, Pat is looking forward to trying Valorant outside of Rainbow Six.

We also asked Pat a few questions regarding competitive Rainbow Six Siege: 

Wildcard Gaming: If you could play at LAN anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
Pat: “Montreal since that’s where the Invitational is, other than that, Japan since I loved it the last time I went.” 

Wildcard Gaming: Who in the Rainbow Six community inspires you?
Pat: “I’ve always been a big fan of Canadian from SSG, he’s one of the most accomplished R6 players in the world but also had to cope with and recover from some of the hardest losses.”

Wildcard Gaming: Give me some advice from someone who might be aspiring to be a competitive R6 player.
Pat: “The most important attribute to have as a competitive player is the ability to take criticism, learn from your mistakes and strive to be constantly improving in some aspect of your game, whether that be your mechanics, communication or problem solving. There is always room for improvement, but most people will hit a wall pretty fast if they can’t recognise and improve on their own faults.”     


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