After nearly two months sitting at the top of PMCO Wildcard’s PUBG Mobile team has dropped the ball. We can’t always have good days and unfortunately this past weekend proved that statement to be true. Be it a mix of nerves, a string of bad shot calling, or generally unlucky gameplay we don’t want to make any excuses for ourselves. While we did take one chicken dinner to gain some semblance of who we are as a team, we still placed far from our goal. Ultimately all our hard work that got us to this point fell through the cracks and Wildcard placed 13th with 116 points, therefore eliminating us from the next phase which would have brought us to Berlin.

While we’re of course sad to go out like we did this will certainly not put us down for long! It’s fueling our fire and motivating our team to try harder and play better. We’ll be taking this break to prepare for our come back for the upcoming ESL qualifiers- Hopefully making this into a learning experience that will help us succeed in the Fall PMCO. As always, Wildcard can’t be knocked down so easily and we’re always striving to get better and improve where we can! Until then, thank you for all your support! We can’t wait to show you what we’re truly capable of.

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