It’s been another rough weekend for Wildcard in the National PUBG League and we have quite a bit to think about. Our team is devastated, especially because no one would have expected us to get knocked into Relegations to begin with. Our roster appeared to be stacked with some of the best fraggers in North America, yet we still fell short. While we put a good effort into Relegations- Even having a couple good games, it was not enough to bring us past Contenders. We have a lot to work on and a lot to improve.


Wildcard Gaming was one of the original members in the PUBG community and this weekend we felt we disappointed not only ourselves but the community in general. We worked hard but certainly fell far from the goals we came into Phase 2 with. Wildcard strives to be on top of whatever we do and we want to apologize to our fans and supporters for our shortcomings. Our goal has always been to build the best teams and have the best players  in order to dominate whatever we participate in. Moving forward from this that’s exactly what we plan on doing.


Even the best of the best have their bad days. We can’t always be good at everything, but we can learn from our mistakes and work hard to do better in the future.


Wildcard now owns a slot in Contender’s of Phase 3 which starts in September, which is a four week run of games between the bottom 10 teams of the NPL Phase 2 and the top 6 teams of Phase 2’s Contender Relegations. During this four week span teams will participate in one online play day per week, consisting of four rounds per game. Teams in Contenders have a chance at a prize pool of $20,000 and the opportunity to move into the Royale weekend phase that $80,000 prize pool.


Between now and September we’ll be cracking down and working hard to fix where we’ve slipped up on and adjust what needs some corrections. We have a couple months to make the necessary changes and we hope that when Wildcard comes back in September we’ll be better than ever. As always, we thank you for your support and we hope you’ll stick around to watch us make a come back!



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