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5 First Place wins in 2018
1st Place GLL Season 3 Americas
World Class PUBG Players
Home of PUBG Excellence
Competed Globally

NPL 2019 - Preseason

Wildcard Gaming Takes 2nd and brings home $20,000

Team   (Top 16 Advance to Finals) Round 1 Round 2Round 3 Total
1. Simplicity  BC 1714BD 1226AB 12024142
2. Ghost Gaming  BC 1034BD 718AB 17523504
3. Why Tempt Fate  AD 856BD 1020CD 15763452
4. Team EnVyUs  AD 1002BD 1726CD 6703398
5. eUnited  AD 886AC 1462AB 10023350
6. Shoot To Kill  BC 1216AC 796CD 12623274
7. Cloud9  AD 1514AC 494AB 9382946
8. Wildcard Gaming  AD 736AC 924AB 11742834
9. Adapt  AD 1008AC 886AB 8942788
10. Spacestation Gaming  BC 660AC 1298CD 7882746
11. Oxymoron  AD 1058BD 844CD 8382740
12. Noble eSports  AD 386BD 944CD 13122642
13. Tempo Storm  BC 1014AC 378CD 11582550
14. Vicious Gaming  AD 958BD 574CD 9502482
15. Smokin Aces Red  AD 754AC 926AB 7422422
16. Lazarus Esports  BC 786AC 538CD 10762400
17. Team Kru Esport  AD 1296BD 450CD 6262372
18. GGWP  AD 418AC 1214AB 6542286
19. Trifecta Gaming  BC 1218BD 404AB 6622284
20. Denial eSports  BC 894AC 764CD 5942252
21. Zenith E-Sports  AD 550AC 830AB 8662246
22. The Happy Campers  AD 798BD 760CD 6182176
23. Check Six  BC 452BD 980AB 7282160
24. Team Gates  BC 464BD 1172AB 5222158
25. ReinvenT  BC 684BD 738AB 5481970
26. Don't Letem Getcha  BC 714AC 558CD 6841956
27. Halocline Gaming  BC 694BD 310AB 3541358
28. Yellow Pike Gaming  BC 446AC 624CD 2841354
29. Lowkey Esports  BC 600AC 572CD 361208
30. Elder Wolves  AD 116AC 512AB 5461174
31. PlayerOne Esports  AD 488BD 284CD 3521124
32. Leggo Your Ego  BC 218BD 578AB 144940
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place

Team Wildcard - NPL Preason 2nd Place Winners

Max "Toumai" Marine

GLL Wingman V Finalist

Toumai is a world-class veteran shot caller and FPS player who started his career in Counter Strike 1.5 in 2004. After a year and a half of experience competing at the highest level in PUBG, Toumai commands Wildcard Gaming’s star PUBG roster and remains one of the top In Game Leaders in North America.

Alfred "Pride" Choi

GLL Wingman V Finalist

Pride started his esports career as a competitive Dota 2 player in 2016 maintaining top 200 in North America throughout his career. Pride today is one of the most frightening entry fraggers in PUBG, leading the kill boards in most tournaments and playing a key role in Wildcard Gaming’s team-fighting success in 2018.

Daniel "Sharpshot" Hernandez

GLL Wingman V Finalist

Sharpshot started his career in PUBG as one of the top Snipers in North America on team, The God Squad. His dedication to improve and consistent precision has made him known to the community as one of the best overall fragging players in the world.

Russell "Xtreme" Walters

1st Place PUBG Brawlfest Season 1

Xtreme began journey as a professional PUBG player in the CS:GO competitive scene and eventually earned his spot in the Australian Invitationals. In 2017, Xtreme shifted his focus to PUBG and quickly earned a spot amongst the best fraggers on the leaderboards.  Xtreme is now one of the best mid-range fraggers around the globe, making his way to play under the Wildcard banner as the organization’s only non-American player.