2019 is quickly coming to an end and for the world of PUBG it has been one crazy roller coaster. From NPL Preseason up until Phase 3 Relegations it has been nothing but edge of your seat matches. Some matches being great and others… not so much. You can’t win them all, right? Though, towards the end we did come back. Let’s take a closer look at the breakdown of how the 2019 season of PUBG panned out.

During Phase one of the NPL This is where it all started for 2019 of PUBG. This was split up into 2 stages. In Stage 1, 32 teams were split up into 4 groups of 8 teams. Out of those 32 teams only the top 16 would push onto NPL Phase 1 and the Sunday Finals- Wildcard placed 8th in Stage 1 and took home that 2nd place spot in Stage 2. This was definitely a great way to kick off the 2019 season!

We had high hopes going into Phase 2- On a high from our previous outstanding finish. However it ended up being a rough phase for the team and, in short, we took 13th place and got sent to Relegations. At this point we knew such a loss wouldn’t fly for our fans and it was imperative that we came up with a new game plan. We made some tough decisions; From giving our NPLC slot away to obtaining an NPL slot from Simplicity- All the way to totally reworking our roster! Moving into Phase 3 Wildcard would be different.

With our new team, consisting of new faces and old, we were ready to take on the next Phase! We picked up professional players Pentalol, Adam, and Pistola- Also acquiring Kickstart on loan from Ghost Gaming. While the guys were new to one another they were no strangers to PUBG! Right off the bat we saw some clutch plays, like this one.

Working their way through their first phase as a team was rough but with each game that passed their synergy only grew and it became clear that once they became comfortable they were scary. Our new roster tried their hardest during Phase 3 but ultimately they were sent to Relegations- This time we were confident that these players could handle it!

With being so close to the top 10 of Phase 3, but still just shy of making the cut, Wildcard once again stepped up and showed us what they were made of. In only just a few rounds they had already secured a delicious chicken dinner. We watched more of Kickstart’s fragging talent and even saw Pental0l shine with a clutch 1v3! Check it out!

Overall Wildcard’s 2019 ride through PUBG was exciting to say the least; Full of twists and turns that no one- Not even us- Would have expected. We are very thankful of both our former roster and our current one and as always would like to thank our players! This new roster showed us to keep pushing now matter how bleak the odds may seem to look. Congrats on the first place win in Phase 3 Relegations! We look forward to seeing what else these boys can dish out in the future. #stackthedeck love!

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