Over the weekend we saw our PUBG roster play together for the first time this year and they absolutely killed it! We saw some amazing synergy amongst the guys- Of course watching the reunion of Kickstart and Sharpshot was wild but on top of that, new-to-Wildcard players Woo1y and Keenan really showed their skills. With their 2nd place finish, scoring 72 placement points and 87 kill points for a total of 159 points- It’s safe to say we’re very proud of them and can not wait to watch them play in Stockholm, Sweden at the end of this month.

Over the course of the weekend we scored four Chicken Dinners and numerous top five finishes landing with the second highest placement points. This, paired with the third highest kill points secured Wildcard a spot in Sweden. The talent on this team is beyond clear and we can not wait to see what these four are capable of when they’re in the same room!

The team will be back again- This time in Stockholm- For their first LAN of the year. You’ll be able to watch it live February 28th – March 1st right here. Bookmark it and get ready to show some #stackthedeck pride because it is certainly stacked this time around! Need something to watch until then? Check out our Stream Team

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