With underachieving from previous tournaments and events to start the year Wildcard is in the process of revamping the team. In the massive amount of downtime that currently plagues PUBG Esports in North America it has given us ample time to try out players and ensure our new fourth will be the perfect fit. With some of our changes, Keenan has also stepped into the In Game Lead role and will be in charge of decisions in game going forward. 

We sat down with Keenan for his thoughts on the new role and what we can expect from the team in the future.

Wildcard- What made you interested in the IGL role?
Keenan- After joining the PUBG competitive scene pretty late, I was really interested in learning and improving on my map knowledge and the strategic side of the game. I always thought that IGLs and specifically IGLs that could perform consistently statistically, were the most valuable players on their teams. That made me interested in pursuing the role.

Wildcard- How has the transition been in learning this new role?
Keenan- It’s been challenging but fun. I’ve got a lot of work to do and a ton to improve on but I think our team’s potential has greatly improved since I’ve begun learning the role. Most IGLs at this level have been doing it for multiple years so i’ve got a lot to catch up on.

Wildcard- What are your expectations for the rest of the year? What are the expectations as a team?
Keenan- Expectations for myself personally would be to continue to consistently perform at a high level, both statistically and as a team player. Learning the new role of IGL and helping my team perform to the best of their abilities is my top priority. Expectations for the team are to continue to qualify and attend international LAN tournaments such as GLL S4 and to also qualify and perform well at PGS and hopefully PGC near the end of the year.

Wildcard- What play style changes would you like to make to the team?
Keenan- I felt our old roster and playstyle was a little too passive at times. We were reluctant to punish teams around us for their mistakes and gave up too much ground. I’m looking to make sure our team keeps it’s confidence at all times which will help us play more aggressively and apply pressure to the teams around us.

Wildcard- What do you feel is the most important quality in a team?
Keenan- The most important quality in a team for me is adaptability. Being able to adapt in PUBG is essential. It’s very important to be able to react to how other teams play around you, weird circles, mixed lobbies with new teams, and many other variables in PUBG. Having 4 players that can all scout properly, make their own plays, and be self sufficient is important.

Wildcard- What do you enjoy doing outside of playing PUBG?
Keenan- Outside of playing PUBG, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I’m a huge sports fan, especially hockey and football. My name originates from my favorite football player, Keenan Allen.

Wildcard- Anything you would like to say to your fans before closing this out?
Keenan- Thank you for all the support. Having the backing of Wildcard, all our fans, and each other as teammates has been amazing. Playing competitive PUBG is so much fun and has opened up so many opportunities for me, so I can’t thank all the people that made it possible enough.

The team is hungry to have a strong showing through the rest of this year. Make sure to follow the team for future content and updates. #stackthedeck 


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