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After Wildcard’s success in PUBG Mobile recently we wanted to sit down with the team and pick their brains on the game and some of their goals moving forward. With that being said, we also wanted to give them the chance to answer some of your questions- However serious or silly those may be. To no one’s surprise, you all dished out some pretty interesting and quite sneaky questions for the boys to answer. In the least, we hope our team’s… Robust sense of humor will find you some form of entertainment in these trying times. 


What was your first tournament, how were the feels? – Wildcard
Spring: ESL NY, we got DQed so it felt great.
Aesor: Omlet Pro League, I was on misfits at that time and we got 2nd place and it felt great.
Enigma: ESL NY, got 4th place, felt very fulfilling
Slicky: My first tournament was esl New york, it felt great being 2nd top fragger (Shades).
Beach: My first LAN tournament was ESL in Dallas; we didn’t do too hot but it was a very fun experience. 

What goals do you have as a future PUBG Mobile pro? – Wildcard
Spring: To win stuff.
Aesor: To be on par with Chinese teams and players.
Enigma: To get the Juice.
Slicky: To win and be the number 1 team in NA.
Beach: To compete on the global stage and win.

What are your goals this season? – Wildcard
Spring: To go to world league.
Aesor: To go to world league.
Enigma: To go to world League.
Slicky: To go to all lans.
Beach: To keep working out my errors and becoming the most reliable teammate. And ofc going to World League. 

What are things you are trying to improve? – Wildcard
Spring: gunskill.
Aesor: My gunskill, positioning, and situational awareness
Enigma: Movement and Gunskill.
Slicky: My coms to be precise, and positioning.
Beach: midrange, situational awareness, keeping track of killfeed at all times, utility usage

Who, or what is the “glue” of the team? – Wildcard
Spring: teamwork.
Aesor: teamwork
Enigma: teamwork.
Slicky: teamwork
Beach: anime

Who tells you to do the most stuff in the team/org? – Wildcard
Spring: Wicked.
Aesor: Wicked
Enigma: Wicked
Slicky: Wicked
Beach: Wicked

Who do you see as the underdog threat right now ?  @Sneak58936235 on Twitter
Aesor : Simplicity
Enigma: G25
Slicky: No one
Beach: the bugs/glitches in the game

What does it take to become a pubg mobile pro ? @mwala_zm on Twitter
Spring: lots of free time.
Aesor: A lot of free time and passion for the game
Enigma: Skill and some Luck
Slicky: to practice a lot(Scrims)
Beach: dedication and discipline 

Why are you so? How do I become so? @botbroly on Twitter
Spring: yes.
Aesor: Why am I so bad?
Enigma: C, final answer
Slicky: IDK
Beach: potato

How many zones have you analysed? @ios_spartan on Twitter
Spring: yes
Aesor: 70.000+ zone shifts and counting
Enigma: I don’t analyze, I just have Aesor do it.
Slicky: Aesor
Beach: like about 500

Who is “Na BeSt DrIvEr? @ra9lives on Twitter
Spring: Spring
Aesor: sPrInG
Enigma: Everyone but Spring.
Slicky: I have to agree with Enigma
Beach: slicky

How do you guys warm up? @magiclobster on Twitter
Spring: with a heater.
Aesor: I usually just take a shower and drink a cup of hot chocolate 🙂
Enigma: I walk through the Desert.
Slicky: Hot tub (Shades).
Beach: tdms and training map

Favourite guns? Least favorite guns? @catpettingparty on Twitter
Spring: M4/Uzi, SLR
Aesor: M4/Uzi/Tommy or M762/SLR/SKS, Revolver
Enigma: Favorite:DP-28 Least: SLR.
Slicky: M416
Beach: fav= ak least fav= sks

Why did you choose Mobile gaming? @bluebelliot on Twitter
Spring: because its easy.
Aesor: I didn’t have a good enough computer to continue with competitive PC gaming and I was way too young.
Enigma: Nowhere for me to put a computer and I can use my phone anywhere.
Slicky: Because i like pubg and i didnt have a computer for pubg pc so i found out pubg was coming to mobile.
Beach: Because I grew up on mobile gaming and see a lot of potential in the future of mobile esports.

Who is the team Mom? Who is the team Dad? @MrSmiles on Twitter
Spring: Enigma and Enigma.
Aesor: Slicky and Enigma
Enigma: Beach (Mom) Myself as Dad.
Slicky: Yes
Beach: Mom, Spring. Dad, Slicky.



At the end of the day we’re at least appreciative that our team has a good sense of humor! With the newest addition of Beach we’re positive they’re going to continue killing it and we can’t wait to see them play next. Until them, check them out on Twitch!




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