PMCO Regional Finals is now a thing of the past and it was definitely interesting to watch. During the competition 16 teams had only ten rounds get into the top three and secure a spot in the Global Finals. The boys gave it their all, but ultimately finished in 9th place with a total score of 75.

Overall it was a rough weekend, but the team did get a chance to show us what they were capable of. They managed to secure 2nd place in the 1st round with 6 kills and later obtained 5th with 5 kills. The boys even scored a chicken dinner in round 9 with 9 kills- Way to go boys! 

The maps didn’t make it easy for the team. There were times where they found themselves with little legroom to safely maneuver around other teams in the given circle- Talk about unlucky right? This made it really hard to hunker down when there were 4 – 5 teams closing in, which seemed to be happening a lot. We have hopes with the next tournament that Wildcard will have a much smoother time!

As for the next tournament? Well, there isn’t one lined up for the guys at this moment. We look forward to seeing them compete again and hopefully of course score some more juicy chicken dinners. Until then feel free to check out our Stream Team and show them some love. They make content daily and it’s definitely worth tuning into! Also, if you don’t already know this, we have an official Discord so come stop by and join the #stackthedeck community!

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