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As Wildcard rolls into 2020 we’ll, as you can imagine, have some changes to our rosters. We’re always excited to welcome new players into the family and for our new PUBG Mobile team this is certainly no different. This year will bring lots of new and exciting things and as mobile gaming is on the rise, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new squad. We sat down with the players and their coach to ask a few questions about their path to pro, their gaming preferences, and even for some general nonsense. They’re quite the entertaining group, to say the least! And, in true mobile fashion, we even performed the interview over text. Check out what they had to say!

Welcome to Wildcard, guys! We’re excited to have you on for our PUBG Mobile team to kick of 2020. How has everything been so far with Wildcard? Are you excited?
Aesor: Wildcard has been great so far, the team has been doing well and I’m excited for what’s to come!
Edwin: I am very excited!
Minwu: It’s been good, looking forward for what’s to come.
TheSpring: I can’t wait!
katsoo (Manager): I’m very excited for what’s in store with these boys!
Slicky: Thank u, Good, Very excited.

How long have you been playing PUBGM for? How did you get into it and when did you know you were good at it?
I started playing PUBGM when it first released on the global version. I got into it when I stopped playing CS:GO competitively and I found out I was good at it when I started playing tourneys/scrims back in season 1-2
katsoo: I started playing a month after it’s initial release and I started playing because one of my friends wanted to play games instead of paying attention in class so we downloaded PUBGM. I am not good at the game I’m bad
Slicky: Since the chinese version came out. I came into pubg by watching shroud when he played on PC and I heard about the announcement for mobile pubg. I was good at the beginning like c’mon.
Aesor: Katie’s (katsoo) answer is false. She is better than 90% of NA players
Edwin: I’ve been playing this game since this game came out in Chinese version and I got into it when I met this good people. I found that I was good at it when I bopped everyone in the lobby so I choose to become a professional
TheSpring: Minwu and I came over from a different game about 7 months ago after we saw how competitive the tournaments taking place were.
Minwu: ^ ditto

When did you first enter the pro scene?
Slicky: Basically when the global version came out
Aesor: I entered the pro scene when I joined a team called OPGG which eventually became Misfits Gaming
Edwin: I entered the pro scene when I joined a team called OPGG which eventually became Nova Esports
TheSpring: About a month after I started playing I joined Omen Elite and I consider that my first entry into the “pro scene”
Edwin: Katie is a pro?!?!?!?!!??!!?! Jk
katsoo: I mean I’m not technically in the pro scene I just manage for them
Minwu: when i join team nine
Aesor: Edwin wow. Minwu I’m confused.
Slicky: More detail
Edwin: I mean that right tho…Team nine

Any short or long term goals for yourself and your team?
Easy answer. Win global tournaments and make NA proud
Aesor: Short term = Get unbanned. Long term = Go to my first lan and win it
Slicky: Be the best team NA
TheSpring: Win a LAN event
Katsoo: I want the team to own and win a LAN event
Minwu: become relevant
Edwin: And for myself I want to get as tall as Spring

Have any of you played together before WC?
katsoo: No sis
Aesor: I played with Edwin back in OPGG and I played with Slicky on a makeshift team when I came back after my break
Slicky: I played with aesor and Edwin
Edwin: I played with Aesor and Slicky
TheSpring: I played with Minwu

Are you strictly mobile players? Aside from the obvious, what makes PUBGM different than PUBG?
TheSpring: I have and still do play tons of PC games but what sets PUBGM apart is its accessibility
Edwin: It’s much easier to play
katsoo: Yes, strictly mobile. I play it ‘cause of its easy access.
Slicky: Ye def strictly a mobile player and pubg pc has different mechanics and better stuff overall and pubgm is just mobile game that’s just a lite version
Minwu: Strictly mobile atm, pubgm and pubg pc has different pace and game style
Aesor: I am sometimes play on my PC when I have time. PUBGM is easier to access and the player base is way bigger.

Any crazy or interesting accomplishments you’ve made while playing PUBGM you can share?
Aesor: I played for Misfits Gaming
katsoo: no i suck
Edwin: I won pmco as a sub
Slicky: no
TheSpring: Qualified for all 3 LAN events since I started playing (ESL One NY, DreamHack ATL, PMCO Fall World Finals)
Minwu: Decent placement at esl dh

Have you done any research on your competition? If so, who do you think is your biggest?
TheSpring: Cloud 9
Edwin: Jovi
Aesor: I haven’t done any major research on the teams, but we do know where they land and how they play. And I believe that our biggest competition is Cloud 9 or Tempo
Minwu: Just teams who we come across often
Slicky: I know where people go to land and sometimes where they go so we have a setup for them coming and ZG is our biggest def
katsoo: I think in on a global stage Bigetron is the biggest and in NA tempo is a very strong competitor

How do you guys usually practice? Anything strange or unique you’re willing to divulge?
TheSpring: We like to have at least one player (usually slicky) crash at the beginning of every game for good luck.
Slicky: We practice everyday 2 scrims a day basically. WHAT THE-
katsoo: The boys practice by participating in daily scrims. They like to throw their games and yell at each other
Aesor: We play all Tier 1 scrims seriously and the rest we tend to just mess around in to have fun and let loose. We usually have slicky crash in the beginning for extra challenge (smh)
Edwin: We have an ANDROID player so he always sacrifice for us
Slicky: No worries bout the android they’re just jealous
Aesor: Oh yeah definitely. We are VERY jealous
Minwu: scrims everyday, nothing unique

If you’re not playing PUBGM, what’re you playing?
TheSpring: College
Slicky: Some mobile games or Disney+/YouTube
Minwu: PUBGM lite
katsoo: Listening to music and watching anime
Aesor: Usually just in discord VC listening to music, rewatching vods, or watching other pro player’s streams
Edwin: Studying hard to go to Harvard University

Any cool hobbies?
Slicky: Not really
Edwin: Listening to Aesor breathing hard
TheSpring: Rock climbing
Aesor: Losing points in classics with katsoo
katsoo: Texting Egirls
Aesor: ^ true
Minwu: Swimming


Most likely to win a 1v4?
katsoo: Slicky
Aesor: Slicky
Minwu: Edwin
Edwin: Slicky
Aesor: or me
Edwin: But 1v4 SSG doesn’t mean that Slicky is good
TheSpring: Slicky
Aesor: For reference


Best laser?
Slicky: Aesor
Katsoo: Aesor
Edwin: Aesor
TheSpring: Aesor
Minwu: Ditto
Aesor: For reference


Most likely to clutch?
Spring and Slicky
katsoo: Slicky
TheSpring: Aesor
Edwin: Everyone
Aesor: Really?
Slicky: What Edwin said
TheSpring: Ye remember that one game you 1v2’d twice
Aesor: I don’t remember
Minwu: edwin
Slicky: Ye u do nice 1v2, Aesor!

Best grenades?
katsoo: Aesor.He’s always nading himself, god op
Aesor: :((
Slicky: Idk bout this 1. Ima say spring
TheSpring: Yes I do knock myself quite often
Slicky: Lol
Edwin: Everyone
TheSpring: ^
Slicky: ^
Minwu: Edwin
Aesor: Def me

Most headshots?
Katsoo: Aesor
Slicky: Aesor
Edwin: Aesor
Minwu: Everyone with iphones
TheSpring: Slicky
Aesor: 653 headshots

Who’s the best sniper?
TheSpring: ​Spring
Minwu: Me
Aesor: Me
Slicky: Me
kattsoo: Me
Edwin: Me

Who gets the opening knocks in fights?
Slicky: Me
Minwu: Me
Aesor: Spring
Katsoo: Spring
Slicky: Everyone
Edwin: Everyone
Aesor: Literally spring
Katsoo: Compilation of Spring saying he got the opening knock
TheSpring: I get opening knocks and then opening knocked as well

Most likely to accidentally kill their teammate?
Aesor: It is– Minwu
TheSpring: Minwu
Slicky: Me
katsoo: Minuwu
Minwu left the group.Today at 4:58 PM
Wildcard | catpettingparty: LOL
Aesor: LMFAO
Minwu was added to the group.Today at 5:00 PM
Wildcard | catpettingparty: Anything to say, Minwu?
Minwu: I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations
Aesor: remember when you got knocked and dropped that grenade and killed all of us

Last one: Here’s a question I’ll ask you again in the future to see how your opinions change. It’s just for fun! The five of you are on a sinking ship: Who takes control, who is the pessimist, who is the optimist, who drowns, and who is the problem solver?
Spring takes control, pessimist is minwu, optimist is me and slicky, edwin and katie drowns, spring is problem solver
Slicky: ^^^^
TheSpring: And slicky isn’t even on the boat because he crashed before boarding
Aesor: LOL
Slicky: Lol
Edwin: Agree
Minwu: I take control.
TheSpring: I agree with aesor
Minwu: Period
Aesor: No
TheSpring: No
Katsoo: wow so I drown. ok
Slicky: Rip

Did we learn anything from this interview? Well… I’m not sure. In the least we can see from this conversation that the team has already bonded and I’m anticipating that this friendship transfers over as some serious synergy! But, all jokes aside, we know this group are quite talented players and we hope you’re as excited as we are to watch them play this year! If you’re not already following out Twitter be sure to give that a follow in order to keep yourself up to date with all of the mobile events happening. As we get closer to the start of the season we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. Until then, keep repping that #stackthedeck pride and welcome to the family, team!


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