PUBG Mobile | Spring Split Preview

PUBG Mobile has been on the constant rise since its release. This year is a big as the game’s prize pool is the biggest it’s been- And Wildcard’s PUBG Mobile team is looking good. Starting at 9pm est tonight our team will be competing in the PMCO Spring Split. If you didn’t already know we picked up a new roster including some well known names!

During Spring Split we start off with stage 3, which is group stage. In this stage four different pools of eight teams will be competing against each other round robin style. Only the top 24 teams can proceed to the semi finals, so we’re sure that each and every team is going to be working extremely hard to secure that spot. Our ultimate goal, as always, is to land consistent in the top five and of course- Qualify for World League. We have high hopes that our PUBG Mobile team will dish out some great plays and hopefully take home some delicious chicken dinners. 

We are very excited to see all of this unfold and even more so to see what our new team is capable of. We even have our very own Mobile manager Wicked as an official streamer for this tournament! You can tune in on this upcoming tournament LIVE here tonight at 9pm est. Lets show the team the amount of #stackthedeck pride we have! 


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