PUBG Mobile | Spring Split Finals Recap

Wildcard had an amazing weekend in the world of PUBG Mobile and if you missed it- While you should totally do yourself a favor and go back to watch it- I can also sum it up for you in four words: Winner, winner chicken dinner. The team exceeded even our biggest expectations and totally dominated the competition consistently! The synergy they demonstrated was unmatched and in cooperation with their all star coaches we are beyond proud of them and their accomplishments for the NA-PMCO Spring Split.

Across the duration of the tournament we witnessed numerous first place wins from the squad. At this rate, it’s safe to assume chicken dinner is always on the menu. Over the last few weeks we watched our team climb through the three PMCO Spring Split stages, the hype constantly growing as moved forward to the next phase- The competition only getting steeper. However, no matter the competition our players prevield.

Over the course of 30 rounds we saw some impressive numbers come from these players. They ended the Spring Split with a total of 10 chicken dinners- That’s a 33% win rate! Our average rank when we weren’t pulling out napkins up to feast was still in our goal of the top 5; It was rare the team ever placed above that. In terms of kills our numbers were equally impressive. We ended the tournament with a total of 204 kills, giving us an overall point total of 531. This roster is god-like.

If you’d like to check out some more in depth stats for Wildcard in the NA-PMCO Spring Split you can check out this tweet from our player TheSpring.

PUBG Mobile won’t be back again until April and you already know we’ll be hard at work practicing! When we return it will be in the PUBGM Pro League and we are super excited to see what our team can do against other top teams! We have a good feeling the squad will be hungry as ever. Until then, you can follow our Twitter for updates and join our Discord to become part of our community. Keep flashing that #stackthedeck pride!


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