Wildcard | Rainbow Six Siege 2019 Year in Review

With being part of our Organization for only a few months the new Wildcard Rainbow Six Siege team reached for glory. We watched them represent with some amazing plays at APAC- Doing so well they where one of the top 2 teams which proceeded to Japan for Season X Finals.

Such a short amount of time spent with us in Wildcard they already proved their skill and talent tenfold.While the team hasn’t been with us for very long we still wanted to showcase their achievements that led them to their position now. We spoke with former player and Coach syliX, along with Taco of Wildcards management team to help us get to know the trials our new team faced. Read about it below!

“Wildcard had been looking to get in Rainbow Six for a long time.” Taco explains. “[Orgl3ss] seemed like they had the work ethic and potential to be a world class team, which was confirmed when we first met them. After that it was a no brainer pick for the roster.” The boys come from the ANZ region and in this short amount of time Wildcard has become an Australian-New Zealand favorite thanks to the sheer talent the guys have.

Wildcard roster announcement video.

The team was known as Orgl3ss after parting ways with their first organization, Athletico, back in January of 2019. The roster consisted of Ethen, Derpeh, EmoRin, JoeyG and syliX. In February of 2019 Orgl3ss participated, and secured, a win against Darksided in the ANZ Summer Series. This was in fact syliX’s, who is now an R6 Coach for the Wildcard team, last tournament before Diesel was taken in. Following the Seasonn 9 APAC Finals player JoeyG also retired and the team welcomed back NeophyteR.

When talking with Coach syliX we asked him if the team had any notable high points before signing with Wildcard. “High points would be winning the Oceanic Cup 2 – 0 over Fnatic in March. We caused some big shockwaves then because we won pretty convincingly!” syliX said.

After taking on such a talented team, and after doing exceedingly well at APAC, we weren’t surprised to see them qualify for the Season X finals. Despite not having expectations for themselves they kept NaVi, Season X’s champions, on their toes with every match that went by. NaVi may have sent Wildcard home but it’s only made us hungry. Safe to say- They will definitely be working even harder to get where they want to be in 2020.


The next step for our Rainbow Six Siege team will be going to the Six Invitationals in February. This is the first major tournament of 2020 and it’s located in Montreal, home of the Ubisoft Studio working on Rainbow Six. The tournament will feature 16 of the best teams worldwide and they’ll all be competing for the title of #1!

The guys have been hard at work practicing and preparing for the Six Invitationals and we can’t wait to see them play! Until then be sure to keep up with updates and information by following our Twitter and joining our official Discord Server! Get ready to flaunt that #stackthedeck pride in February!


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