Today, Wildcard Gaming welcomes two new faces to the Rainbow 6 Division, Milo and r0usty, who will be helping Wildcard return to their dominant form. Milo will be joining us as our new fifth member of the team and in-game leader.  He and the team are feeling confident based on their first few weeks together. 

“Being thrust back into the spotlight especially under the guidance of my now to-be teammates has been nothing but exhilarating. Just in these short few weeks, it feels like there is no obstacle we can’t overcome and I’m proud to be part of such an outstanding lineup.”  – Milo 

Since this roster’s inception, Wildcard has had an extremely strong coaching presence from one of its most integral members, Diesel. With Diesel taking a leave of absence at the beginning of last season, we knew that finding a coaching replacement was something that was important to our continued evolution. R0usty has been an excellent new addition to the team thus far, bringing a wealth of knowledge from the European Pro League and helping our new team adjust to play style differences.

“The team is super easy to work with. The members are willing to do things that you ask them to do and to try new ways to approach different situations. Also, the Australian “swag” has been pleasant to be around, it’s an extremely fun group of guys to work with.” – r0usty

When speaking of Milo, r0usty said that “he brings both leadership and direction along with obvious weapon skill to the table and is continuously growing and making more of an impact on this team on a daily basis.”  

We here at Wildcard are extremely excited to show you what we have been working on.  We have missed being at the top of APAC, and we are extremely excited to start our climb back to the top, hopefully it is a pretty quick one. 

“Playing with these boys has been a blast these last few weeks and I’m excited to show the revamped Wildcard performing at the level we all know and love.” – Milo

Catch the new look Wildcard Gaming roster in action on June 17th at 9pm AEST. Which will be streamed on, as we start the season, come into chat and #stackthedeck with us!


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