We’re kicking off 2023 with a bang! The R6 scene is undergoing many changes, yet we continue to strive for absolute excellence. To achieve that goal, we’re thrilled to announce our new roster, comprised of brilliance, young blood, and familiar faces! Please welcome:

Jesse “Soya” Lando Team Captain and IGL

Andreas “Kyro” Kyriacou Flex/Lurk

Weilin “EdPan” Lai Support/Flex

Zachary “Logiik” McGlede 2nd Entry

Harry “Tuhan” Wise 1st Entry


Trent “Twent” Rowe Head Coach

Tim “Pants” Denby Analyst

Richard “Dispa Kettner – Manager

And who else but Captain “Soya” to say a few words about his new team:

“The team is very exciting for the upcoming season. We have a vote of confidence that we can make the major, a dream of ours that we intend to make a reality this year. Doing this under the wildcard banner, a team that previously had the legacy of making a major and SI, we want to be the roster who gets them back to this former status.”

By signing our new roster we are renewing our commitment to R6 Esports and it’s community. As one of the “OGs” of OCE, we have a legacy to continue and are excited to do so in this new age of Siege Esports!

Unfortunately, this also means saying goodbye to “Oj” and “BouncinBallz”. We look forward to seeing them again on the other side of the lobby and wish them the best of luck in their future undertakings.

Catch our new roster March 13 in our first match!



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