Wildcard has officially entered the world of Rainbow Six Siege. This has been a long awaited project for us and we took our time in finding the right team, players, coaches, and region. After some extensive research and many potential prospects we finally found our match. We’ll be getting comfortable in the Australian R6 community as we find it’s always been tight knit. The fan base is very loyal and supportive and we think we can have a lot of fun with the ANZ region.

We would like to welcome our newest Wildcard team, Brendan “Derpeh” Carr, Tien “EmoRin” Lam, Ethan “Ethan” Picard, Kyle “Diesel” Renton, and Daniel “NeophyteR” An. Of course we can’t forget their fantastic coaches, Bharath “Fluxx” Sukesh and Vincent “syliX” Tam. Together, the team formerly known as Orgl3ss, has found their Org. These guys are excellent players, currently in close competition for rank #1 in the Australian pro league.

We expect to see some crazy game play and we’re aiming to have the team hang onto their #1 ranked title. Tune in and watch their first matchday under the Wildcard name this Wednesday, Sep 18th at 8:00PM AEST (6:00AM EST). Show the guys some love, support, and of course some  #stackthedeck pride.


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