In just a few hours our Rainbow Six Siege team will be live at the APAC Finals and let me be the first to inform you (if you didn’t already know): It’s going to be an intense game day. Over the last week our team has been hard at work in bootcamp preparing for their rematch against Southeast Asia’s Xavier- One that could potentially lead them to another very much desired rematch against Japan’s Cyclops, who knocked us out at our last APAC showdown! Do you smell…. Revenge?

Our matches against Xavier certainly won’t be a cakewalk- This team means business. With multiple 1st and 2nd place finishes in their recent games against teams like Aerowolf and MBT Impetus it’s safe to assume we’ll be well met. They played well and fought hard to get to APAC just like we did and we’re anticipating some edge of our seat games.

So what’s at stake this weekend? In order for Wildcard to advance into the next stage on this long road to the Season 10 Finals we’ll need to beat out Xavier, who we’re feeling pretty prepared for. It’s what comes next that had the guys practising and readying up in their time at boot camp. The match against the winner of Cyclops vs Trippy is a big one and will be the deciding factor of our Season 10 fate. While our side of the bracket avoided (for now) some big names like Cloud 9 and NORA-Rengo, We’ll obviously be giving Xavier our all.

You can tune in tomorrow morning at 6:30AM EST (9:30PM tonight for our friends in Sydney) and catch the games live! Come and show the guys some love and be sure to flash your #stackthedeck pride. This is a huge match for Wildcard and as always, we thank you for your continued support.


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