Rainbow Six Siege | Wildcard vs Kanga

What can be said about the first set of matches to start off  2020 besides- Wow. It was definitely one you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. On the first map Homeless gave our team a run for their money as the scores kept bouncing back and forth. This first map ended in a tie and the second one came out to be Wildcard 7 – HomeLess 2. For those of you in need of a little refresher, you can check out the article recapping the events that unfolded between these two amazing teams here.

What comes next for Wildcard’s Rainbow Six Siege team- The match against Kanga Esports, formally known as Rhythm.  Now the guys have battled them once before back when they were known as 0RGL3ESS during Six Masters 2019 where 0RGL3SS ended up knocking them 2 – 0 in the quarterfinals. Kanga Esports decided to bring them in as their Pro League Rainbow Six Siege team at the beginning of this month. They have made a resilient effort during APAC Challenger League Season 10 coming in first and qualifying for Pro League Season 11. 

We are very excited to see how these upcoming matches pan out as the guys once again battle against former team Rhythm. The best of luck goes out to both teams! We know out guys will be giving it their all. You can watch it all unfold tomorrow morning live at 3:00am EST (7pm tonight for our friends and family in Australia). Let’s show them that #stackthedeck pride and give them all of the love and support!


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