Rainbow Six Siege | Wildcard vs Kanga Esports Recap

This past evening Wildcard’s Rainbow Six Siege team played their second set of matches of 2020. They faced off against Kanga Esports- as said previously in the Rainbow Six Siege preview article- Formerly known as Rhythm. We saw both teams show some amazing teamwork and skills making each other really work hard for taking home the win. 

Our Rainbow Six Siege team really popped off during match one with the score ending 7 – 1. They showed their skills and teamwork ability within every round despite losing the first one and as the commentators put it “[It was a continued effort from the entirety of Wildcard…]” Safe to say- The guys surely weren’t looking to disappoint. It seemed as though losing that first round gave them just enough boost to take the match home giving Kanga Esports a run for their money.

The second match seemed a bit more rough as the scores jumped back and forth. Kanga Esports were in quite the lead, but our team put some kick in their step getting a few winning rounds. We take a look at round 9, where Diesel made an amazing play as he bought time for his team throwing in gas grenade to stall along with NeophyteR and Derpeh backing him for the win



One of the commentators stated “[Diesel always has a nak for ‘pulling rabbits out of a hat…]” calling him the ‘stand out player’ as well. It was definitely a clutch round for the team but they pulled it off! The match ended with the score being 5 – 7 in Kanga Esports favor leaving the matches 1 – 1. Despite the loss, we are very proud with how far the team has come! 

Proleague is still not over as our next matches take place Wednesday, January 22nd against Fury at 5:00am EST (9:00pm AEDT). Make sure to stop by and show them that #stackthedeck pride!


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