Our newest family members, the Rainbow Six Siege team, just had their first matchday under the Wildcard name Wednesday. While we may have hit some new-org nerves we still did pretty well and we’re feeling pretty good! Game one was on Villa, Oddity came out hot and brought the game to a quick 5-2 lead for themselves. However, Wildcard brought it back to a 6-5 match on defense. Unfortunately for us GodLgn had an incredible double kill and Wildcard fell to Oddity game 1 with a score of 7-5.

Game two was on Bank and was neck and neck the whole match. Both teams were trading rounds the whole first half leading to a 3-3 half. Oddity came out swinging on defense bringing it to a 5-3 score but in round 9 Derpeh had a beautiful 1v2  to clutch out the round. Round 10 was a great one for Wildcard, we managed to get the plant off in time despite the perfect Smoke play from Oddity. We then polished off the round with some more good shots from Derpeh bringing it to 5-5.

Unfortunately in round 11 Wildcard was not able to find the Yokai drone which ended up denying the plant for the team, making it a 6-5 deficit for Wildcard. Now being on match point, the team had to give it their all- And we did. Diesel started the round off great with a pick onto the Castle. A few seconds after that pick, Wildcard gets a quick 3 kills, leaving GodLgn with the 1v4. Ethan was quick to shut that down with a great off angle in the elevator. Wildcard takes the draw in game 2, securing 1 point.

Wildcard is currently in 3rd place with 17 points and is looking forward to the September 24th set against Fnatic where we look to make the second to last push for the Top 2 spots in ANZ to send ourselves to the APAC Finals LAN. You can watch match days live at https://wildcard.gg/r6/. Stop by and show the boys some support!


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