This weekend is definitely an exciting one- Wildcard’s Rainbow Six Siege team travels to the Aichi Sky Expo in Tokoname, Japan for the Season 10 Finals. The boys most certainly worked hard to get where they are now and we couldn’t be more proud. For the Season 10 Finals teams from around the globe will compete against each other to become the R6 Champion, playing to win some of the $626,000 prize pool. It’s safe to assume everyone will be on their A game.

Wildcard’s opponent for the quarter-finals is Natus Vincere, a leading Esports organization from Ukraine. During Pro League Season 10 (Europe) they came in 1st place, winning against CHAOS with a final score of 7 – 5, leading them to compete in Japan. It seems as though they are a strong team and Wildcard is looking forward to facing them!

Our team, on the other hand, has continued to show us what they are capable of and their hard work has definitely paid off. From the time between the end of APAC and now the boys practiced hard to prepare themselves for this weekend’s matches. They certainly will be in overdrive this weekend, but we have high hopes that they’ll do great!

Watch Wildcard face off against NaVi TONIGHT at 11:30pm EST! These are going to be some intense matches that you will not want to miss out on. You can watch them live right here– And even join our Discord where you can catch staff and fans for our Watch Party. Let’s give our R6 team some love and show them how much #stackthedeck pride we have!


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