Over the weekend Wildcard was in Tokoname, Japan for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 10 Finals, and if you missed it let me be the first to tell you: You missed some insane matches. The newest members of the Wildcard family really showed everyone why they were there and by the rate of which jaw dropped, we couldn’t be more proud. While we only faced off against Navi before being eliminated, it seems that’s all we really needed to do in order to make our mark on the Tournament.

Let’s first start off by saying for a team that had no expectations of themselves; A team qualifying for the finals for the first time in their professional career- They blew everyone out of the water and gave Navi, the Season 10 victors, a serious run for their money! We watched some insane gameplay on this match up and it was clear going into the games that Wildcard was the underdog. What was assumed to be a quick loss turned into a nail biting, edge of the seat 3 rounds that went into overtime!

The first map was selected by Navi, bringing the games to their start in Kafe Dostoyevsky where Wildcard left the crowd and all 30,000 views in awe. The team demolished Navi, winning the map 7-4. However on our own map, Coastline, it became clear both teams did their homework. The crowd was once again floored as Navi took the map win in a painful 1-7 win. This brought us to the final map, Clubhouse. If you haven’t watched this yet you’re missing out! The score went back and forth, all the way to a tied 6-6 that drew the round into an unexpected overtime! And if you thought the first three rounds were heart stopping you’ll be on the floor with these tie breakers.

In the end Navi sent Wildcard home- But we’re proud of what our team accomplished and even more excited to see where they go from here. They proved their skill this weekend and we can say one thing for sure: The deck is stacked with this one and the Six Invitationals are going to be wild.

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