Rainbow Six Siege | WC vs TBD & WC vs ELEVATE

It’s been a bit since Wildcard’s Rainbow Six Siege team last played, which was at the Six Invitational, if you haven’t kept track. Since then our roster has gone through some major changes and as we continue to move forward into this pro league season in ANZ we’re confident that our lineup will be better than ever. 

We welcomed in new players Giovanni, formally from Onxyian- Now known as Elevate, who we’ll actually be playing on the 19th- And Pat, formally known as Thumbnail from Kanga Esports. Now we’re totally ready to see our squad’s hard work and practice in action!

On the 18th at 6:00am EST/9:00pm AEDT you can catch Wildcard play TBD, and on the 19th at 4:00amm EST/7:00pm AEDT we’ll play Elevate. Watch it live right here! We hope you’re as excited as we are to see the team back in action. Don’t forget to show the guys some love and flash your #stackthedeck pride. 


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