Rainbow Six Siege | WC vs ELEVATE Recap

Last week our Australian pro league Rainbow Six Siege team played for the first time since our roster update- The new additions of former Kanga Esports player Patrick “Pat” Wines and Jonathan “Giovanni” Lanciana of Onyxian already proving to pay off as the guys demolished team Elevate. Aside from the team showing impeccable communication and synergy, what made these matches even more interesting is the fact that Elevate was formerly known as Onyxian- Giovanni’s last team. There was more than just winning riding on the back of these games! Who doesn’t like a bit of bragging rights? 

Our matches started off on Kafe Dostoyevsky where our boys showed Elevate exactly who they were up against. There was hardly any time to breath as we took to new strategies and absolutely owned the games, taking the win with an impressive 7-3. Wildcard’s R6 team has been known to dominate Consulate in the past and the second set of matches weren’t any different. The guys were riding off of their first victory, taking that energy and keeping it while they held the control. We took the second map at an even more impressive 7-2.

It’s clear our roster’s synergy proved itself last week, and if you missed it you should definitely check it out. For now, we’ve compiled a highlight video to showcase our team and some of the notable plays against Elevate. Check it out below!



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