Rainbow Six Siege | Wildcard vs Homeless Recap

The other evening our Rainbow Six Siege team played their first matches of 2020 and I’d like to inform you- If you missed it- They certainly did not disappoint! The guys faced off with a new team to the ANZ pro scene, Homeless, who have quickly earned their reputation as some seriously talented fraggers. Homeless put up a good fight, it’s clear why they’ve made it pro- They gave us a run for our money on the first map! But, in the end, our players still had the skill to best the beastly group of fraggers.

While the commentators can be noted explaining “[If you want to watch an exciting match with lots of clutch fragging, watch Homeless. However, if you want to watch a tactically planned match that explodes in the last few seconds- Watch Wildcard!]” And boy! Ain’t that the truth? 

We saw some very consistent play from both teams on map one, which was Coastline. (We even got to watch EmoRin make this crazy pixel peak!) They were neck and neck, flopping the score back and forth, and contrary to the 3,000 viewers at home who voted Wildcard the predicted winners- The teams came to a draw! This of course left the stakes very high for Wildcard moving onto map two.  


On Consulate we got to see our squad shine. They did way more than just bring it back, too! We watched them totally demolish, taking the matchs home with a big 7-2 win. During these games our player, Diesel, had some very notable plays that are certainly worth watching if you missed them. In the first clip we saw him get a blind double kill, and then a match winning kill for a triple! Is this man crazy? We think so. Moving on from that he secured us another round in a brilliantly planned bait that we still can’t get over!

Our next game will be against Rythm on Wednesday January 15th at 7:00PM AEDT/3:00AM EST. Don’t forget to tune in and cheer the guys on! Flash that #stackthedeck pride!


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