Rainbow Six Siege | Wildcard vs Homeless

Happy New Year to the world of Rainbow Six Siege! We are very excited to see what lies ahead for our team as they had a handful of amazing matches toward the end of 2019 while being apart of Wildcard. They went above and beyond in APAC and Pro League Season X Finals held in Japan, even though they were sent home by Natus Vincere (NaVi). Safe to say the Wildcard team did put up one good fight- Good job guys!

To kick off the new year, Wildcard’s Rainbow Six Siege team prepared for their first match of the year against HomeLess in Proleague Season XI for the ANZ region. HomeLess is a fairly new team who are also orgless, though putting up an intense fight is not out of the question. The upcoming matches are Double Round Robin meaning both teams will be facing against each other twice with it being best of 1 with no overtime.

So, what’s at stake? In order to proceed to the APAC finals, the Wildcard team has to place in the top 2 of the ANZ region during these Season XI matches. There are a total of 13 match days so anything can happen. We have high hopes that the boys will give it their all and make every match memorable. They are constantly working hard and improving with every game they play! We look forward to seeing what the team has up their sleeves in these upcoming days.

Competing against these teams will be no easy task and surely each one will put up a fight. You can watch everything unfold tomorrow morning at 3:00am EST (7:00pm for our friends in the ANZ region) live! Let’s show Wildcard’s Rainbow Six Siege team some love and support along with showing off that #stackthedeck pride! We look forward to (hopefully) having an amazing year, and as always thank you for your continued support. 


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