Rainbow Six Siege | WC vs Fury X WC vs Sinister

It’s been an interesting year so far for our Rainbow Six Siege team. With 2 sets of matches behind us the guys still moving strong. During our previous match just last week against Kanga Esports we faced some opposition ultimately played well- If you haven’t had the chance to watch last weeks matches you can read the Wildcard vs Kanga recap here to give you a quick recap of how it turned out. 

This time around our Rainbow Six Siege team will be doing not one but two sets of matches this week. The first games will be up against Team Fury, tonight at 9:00pm AEDT. In the past they have played alongside our team when they were known as 0rgL3ss,  during Six Masters 2019 Group Stage and Finals. Team Fury finished both in 3rd – 4th place but they did put up a good fight. 

In the second set of matches Wildcard will be up against Team Sinister. Just like Team Fury they were also part of Six Masters 2019 Group Stage and Finals. They placed 5th – 6th in Group and 5th – 8th in finals- Though they did pretty well in the end. We look forward to seeing how these matches will turn out and have some high hopes that these matches will have some great gameplay in them.

These games surely won’t be a walk in the park since each win is 3 points and we are currently 3rd with 7 points. Our goal is to be one of the top 2 teams in order for us to qualify for the 2020 APAC Finals. This means that we need to win these upcoming 4 matches to give us plenty of points under our belts. The guys have been constantly working hard and showing off their amazing teamwork and gameplay, so we’re confident.

Proleague continues tomorrow morning at 5:00am EST- 9:00pm AEDT tonight for our friends in Australia- Starting off with with Team Fury. We are very excited to see what other tricks our Rainbow Six Siege team has up their sleeves. Come watch it with us live while we watch how these next 4 matches turn out. Show off your #stackthedeck pride and cheer on the team!

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