Roster Update| Valorant

It has been an active past few months in regards to Wildcard Valorant roster moves.  The organization is committed to building a world class roster able to compete at Last Chance Qualifier and beyond.  Nozz was brought in to fill in for Wizard who was going through personal issues.  Nozz quickly added more structure to our talented line up and became a leader of the team.  As such Nozz has earned a full time contract and Wizard has been released to explore other opportunities as he recovers, we wish him the best.

Ninim has requested to be moved to the bench as he wishes to find a home in North America or Europe to further his career.  We have abided by his wishes and are currently in ongoing discussions with several organizations to move his contract.  As such we have bought out Signed from Order.  Signed will slot in seamlessly with the team and provide instant synergy from past playing experiences with our core players. 

We look forward to continuing to build out and refine our roster as we head towards last chance qualifiers. 



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